Title HowTo create your own digital edition web app — A blog

Encoded by   Vanessa Hannesschläger

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The poster’s purpose is the presentation of the blog "HowTo create your own digital edition web app" 1 evolving around a step-by-step tutorial on how to create a "digital edition web application" .

Thanks to many summer schools2, workshops3, and online-tutorials4, the creation of a TEI encoded representation of a text has turned into a manageable challenge for scholars from the humanities. What is still missing are low-entry tutorials on practical approaches to and the technical background of digital editions on the web. The blog launched by this poster tries to be a first attempt to bridge this gap.

The application built and documented by the blog will fulfill the following requirements:

  • Customizable (filtering / ordering) table of contents derived from the TEI-header information;
  • Transformation of the XML document via XSLT into (partially customizable) HTML representations;
  • Downloads of LATeX / PDF representations generated on the fly;
  • Full text search and indexbased search;
  • Statistics and (geo)visualizations;
  • API to expose the web app’s data.

To give a better understanding of the technical backgrounds of general web application techniques and terms, the blog posts will also contain general reflections and discussions of (best) practices in web development and digital edition.

The blog addresses interested scholars and editors without extensive technical background. Likewise, the blog is also interested in opinions and feedback from advanced readers who will be highly encouraged to share their knowledge and expertise by writing posts for the blog.

Therefore, the authors hope that this blog will provide a low entry, open and frequently used platform to read, discuss and engage around the topics digital editions and digital edition web applications.