Title Support for TEI editions in academic libraries. An upcoming study of the Library Publishing Coalition

Encoded by   Vanessa Hannesschläger

Encoded by   Daniel Schopper


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This poster will present the first outcomes of an ongoing study that aims to address the extent to which digital scholarly editions (and in particular TEI encoded editions) are supported within member libraries of the Library Publishing Coalition. The sample includes more than 100 academic libraries, primarily in the United States as well as some around the world. This organization aims to promote innovative publishing services in these university libraries. Members therefore form a representative sample to address this question.

Library-based publishing has become increasingly common among academic research libraries, as the Library Publishing Directory demonstrates. However, there are not clearly established organizational and service models for these publishing programs. Furthermore, while many of them are focused on scholarly journals, it is unclear how many of these programs are supporting the production and publication of digital scholarly editions making use of the TEI schema, nor is it clear what kinds of resources are required for them to support such efforts.

The survey first aims to determine how many of these academic libraries understand digital scholarly editions to be those making use of the TEI schema and how many have other conceptions. The next objective is to elicit what kinds of support these libraries offer to digital editors including services, publication, preservation and access. Our final aim is to identify the success factors that motivate or enable libraries to offer support to editors and what the primary obstacles are which hinder support programs. The poster will discuss the initial results and trends of this survey and will give predictions about the findings and recommendations, addressing key issues affecting the publication, sustainability and access of TEI encoded editions.