Hyperdonat is a digital project created to deal with complex textual tradition. Born in Lyon, in the HiSoMA laboratory, from the collaboration of B. Bureau and C. Nicolas, Latin professors, Hyperdonat project was first a digital edition of Donat’s commentaries, which have a complex philological history that led editors to dedicate most of their "paper" edition to the apparatus making the Latin text mostly unreadable. The project had as first aims to offer the first complete critical edition and a way to visualize those texts easily with its apparatus through the uses of new technologies.

These last years, the project has taken on a new path and tried to find the basement of an editing method for complex TEI digital editions. So, Hyperdonat project proposes to create from the different witnesses of a textual tradition a scientific edition with multiple views, an interface to create your own virtual witnesses and another to compare different versions of the text. The method is thinking to be applied in a team for a collaborative work where each manuscript is encoded separately to avoid the influence of the other versions. This method allows multiple levels apparatus (semantic, structure, layout, graphic) to take account of the influence of the different layout in manuscript. So this method shows all the philological approach to the reader, but can also be used as a help for editors.