As a result of the "digital turn" , editors find themselves in need of more technical competences than were typically considered as core skills for a textual scholar. There are many workshops available where people can learn the basics of TEI encoding in a matter of days, and many are keen to try this method of work in their research. Publishing of the documents encoded with TEI has nevertheless been a sore spot for the TEI community. Simple questions: "How do I get my corpus online? How do I create a PDF?" lead to a lengthy discussion of XSLT transforms and server setups, which usually cools the enthusiasm.

The TEI Processing Model (TEI PM) aims to deal with the transformation part within the TEI ODD language. Still, transformation is just one step when it comes to publishing. Configuring the whole stack of technologies and creating an application necessary to run the website adds several more layers of complexity.

TEI PM Toolbox is a spin‐off project of TEI Simple, carried on by Wolfgang Meier, which offers an out‐of‐the‐box publishing of TEI documents. It is an application, which incorporates TEI PM into eXistdb’s web server and application framework, allowing to customize appearance of TEI texts with custom ODD enhanced with processing model instructions. Newest addition to the Toolbox is an application generator allowing to export a freestanding app covering all core features like browsing, search, and generation of various media formats like HTML, PDF, LATeX, or ePUB.

We believe that TEI PM Toolbox is a very practical framework which substantially empowers the editors, especially individual researchers or pilot projects, who struggle to receive sufficient technical support. Following the principle of ODD (one document does it all), it hides many implementation details, still leaving the editors full control over their data and transformation process.