Title ACDH Tool Gallery 2.2: TEI Basics – A gentle introduction to Text Encoding

Encoded by   Vanessa Hannesschläger

Encoded by   Daniel Schopper


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The ACDH Tool Gallery 2.2 "TEI Basics – A gentle introduction to Text Encoding" will take place in the context of the TEI 2016 conference. The event will introduce researchers from different disciplines who do text-based work in their research to the TEI markup language. The ACDH Tool Gallery will give an overview of the "tag set" of XML "elements" that are used to encode texts, along with "attributes" used to modify these elements and will show how the TEI standard is structured. After an introduction in the morning, the participants will get an insight into two TEI-based projects before trying to encode their own text material according to the TEI standards with the guidance of experienced scholars and practitioners in the field.

The detailed program can be found here: