About this website

This website is part of the Austrian Centre for Digital Humanities' efforts to document the TEI Conference and Members' Meeting 2016 (visit the conference website), which was hosted by the Centre at the Austrian Academy of Sciences in Vienna, with a digital humanities-comformant approach.

This website was created by Peter Andorfer with the support of Vanessa Hannesschläger in order to provide a user-friendly interface for the XML/TEI versions of the abstracts of the TEI Conference and Members' Meeting 2016 as well as several visualisations of the data the abstracts came with. These files were provided by Vanessa Hannesschläger and Daniel Schopper and are available on GitHub. They were created from the original printed Book of Abstracts (see the PDF), which was edited by Claudia Resch, Vanessa Hannesschläger and Tanja Wissik. The application architecture, layout and core functionalities are based on generic-de-web-app. Please refer to How to build a digital edition web app for further information.

If you come across any mistakes or wish to edit the data we provide, please do! The code is open source and freely available on GitHub.