Quite a while has passed since the rewrite of the chapter on Dictionaries in the TEI Guidelines, and many projects have since then adopted the new proposals. They have also generated some new discussion (e.g. in the case of the generalized usage of cit and quote) and are still in the process of getting refined (with the grammatical information section recently having become more compact). Requests for new features and improvement are continually processed by the TEI Council and discussed by the community in the GitHub tickets.

In the meantime, Subcommittee 4 of the ISO Technical Committee 37 has published its recommendations for the encoding of lexical databases (ISO LMF), accompanied by a serialization that hasn’t become widespread in the field. The Subcommittee is in the process of revising the LMF, with an eye to both improvements in the model and to its TEI serialization, which, subject to the TEI Council’s approval, might potentially yield a new version of the "Dictionaries" chapter.

The workshop, organized as an extension of the Linguistics SIG meeting, will report on the history of lexical description in the TEI, the current state of the art, and the envisioned developments. An essential projected part of the workshop will be a discussion of the currently hottest topics (among others, the emerging serialization of ISO LMF in the TEI, its envisioned coverage, feature set, and the timeline / milestones for the expert / developer group).