General (technical) remarks

This web application is mainly driven by data encoded in XML/TEI. Therefore we decided to build it upon the native XML-database eXist-db. The main server-side application logic is implemented in XQuery and XSLT, client-side functions are based on JavaScript.

The code of this application is available on GitHub.

The application architecture, layout and core functionalities are based on generic-de-web-app. Please refer to How to build a digital edition web app for further information.

This application serves several purposes:

  • Publish the XML/TEI documents of the abstracts of the TEI conference 2016
  • Publish these XML/TEI documents in a reader friendly way, i.e. as nicely rendered HTML pages
  • Enable index based search (index of persons, institutions, countries)
  • Provide some full text search with KWIC results
Aside from these basic features, the application also provides analyses of the underlying data.