Title Móricz Digital Edition — Possibilities and connections of a correspondence material

Encoded by   Vanessa Hannesschläger

Encoded by   Daniel Schopper


The Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International (CC BY 4.0) License applies to this text.


The presentation explores the possibilities and characteristics of the digitalization by TEI XML coding of a substantial sized correspondence, based on the lessons of a currently pursued project. In the framework of the Petőfi Literary Museum of Budapest, since February 2016, we have been processing the correspondence of the 20th century Hungarian prose writer Zsigmond Móricz. We have some 3,000 letters to be processed, from the quarter century extending to 1923, and covering half of his artistic career. The aim is the preparation of a digital edition that includes the criteria for a critical edition for professional audiences, such as annotation and text variants as well as the advantages offered by a digital edition, while also offering an enjoyable reading to the general reader. The research regards the correspondence as a special corpus of texts, which consists of various units possessing peculiar metadata and independent references. These create an organic system of multiple connections among the units and with external data. One of the main objects of the programme is the recovery and integration of these connections, and their presentation and accessibility on a publicly accessible webpage, not simply on the level of metadata but also in their embeddedness in the text. We are also concentrating on connecting the product of our work to the major databases.

It is important that the structure of processing is based on the peculiar nature of the accumulation of literary legacies. The lecture intends to demonstrate the formal framework that we have created in the interest of uniform integration of new units and handling of the description of correspondence. At the present phase, we are working on the specific methods applicable to the material, suitable for scientific markup.